A delightful retreat in Uttarakhand

May 25, 2019

I took a break from the scorching Delhi heat for a weekend and found myself in a place that made me appreciate my surroundings even more. The four days spent in the Uttarakhand hills brought a sense of tranquility to my mind. The absence of constant chatter from my phone (due to the lack of network coverage), allowed me to escape the chaos of everyday life and find peace in the wilderness.

Located approximately 20 kilometers from Nainital, Shirori/Kaarah is a property with a distinct British feel to it, featuring a yellow brick building adorned with antique pieces. We were fortunate to secure a room equipped with a fireplace, which will undoubtedly come in handy during the winter months.

However, the best part of staying here is being surrounded not only by materialistic items but also by the beauty of Mother Nature. The property is home to an array of birds whose cheerful chirping is a constant background melody. Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or simply a lover of nature, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the environment here.

Furthermore, the meals provided by the hotel, including breakfast with tea, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner, were outstanding, leaving me craving for more.

One morning, we were surprised by Gray langurs as they were feasting upon a tree right next to our room. And one day, the loud winds gushing through our windows, something we miss a lot in Delhi, made us feel the same.

Stay At Kaarah offers many outdoor activities that you can experience during your stay. There’s the much renowned Corbett Safari which will take you through the road less travelled and if you’re lucky, spot some wonderful animals in the wild including the fearsome Tiger. We personally opted for the Fishing experience since we love waiting patiently for our rewards. But that wasn’t the case. An early breakfast and a 3 hour drive past Marchula and Sult, brought us to a wonderful low lying village. The residents here were so cut off from civilization that any tourists visiting would be given a grand and heartwarming welcome. Every one of the 50 plus inhabitants weren’t shy to greet us on our hour long trek to the water body. Finally, after reaching our campsite we hooked our bait and threw our lines into the water. Only a few minutes later we already had the opportunity to play our favourite game, ‘Catch and Release’. Our fishing guide, Alam, was a professional fisherman having been on camera for Animal Planet and Nat Geo, including the famous River Monsters where he was a part of the team that caught the infamous Goonch, catfish. 

A long day in the sun and the constant sight of fish left us starving. Little did we know that our guide had started a fire and was cooking what turned out to be the best ‘khichadi’ we ever ate in our lives. With 3 hours of daylight remaining we packed up our things, bid adieu to the wonderful and pristine Corbett river and made a move back to our lovely colonial Hotel. An unforgettable experience, the fishing trip was the highlight of our trip up north.

Rest of the days, we wanted to keep ourselves completely relaxed so we didn’t venture out much. Staff prepared bon-fire for us, and we enjoyed our night next to it.

Even though there is no network in and around the property, they do provide WiFi. We hitch-hiked our way to Nainital and back, twice while we were there. It is quite accessible. The trip was worth it, as we bought Kafal and tried all the momos available in Nainital. 🤭

Kaarah is accessible to the city, yet hidden away from the hustle-bustle of the city, and that was the best part according to me.

How to get there – Shatabdi from New Delhi Railway Station to Kathgodam and then 1 hour drive from there.

or Five and a half hours from Delhi.


Weather – https://www.accuweather.com/en/in/mangoli/3015176/weather-forecast/3015176


Book – https://shirori.com/ or if you got any queries, message them on Facebook.